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This a brief introduction to each level to help you decide the best entry point for your Biz Link Global Experience. BizLink Global is a premier 5 star (★★★★★) B2B Global Networking community and Online Education Center.

BizLink Global offers 3 membership options. We realize every business is unique. With that in mind, we give our business owners the ability to customize their experience with us by choosing the best option for them. We offer memberships that allow you to experience our community in a way that is appropriate for you and your business.

Associates Level Members

Associates Level members are business owners that want to take their networking global and that realize that in today’s business environment that education is key. It is not enough to just exchange business cards – it’s about being strategic in choosing the right tools, people and resources that help you excel in your business.

At the Associates level, you will have full access to our Global Rolodex (our directory), where you have the ability to connect with others and create an online presence where you can be discovered by like-minded members of your global community. While BizLink Global is not another social networking platform, we do publish all information for each member in an easy to search directory and encourage our members to build relationships through our viral hotspots. (alt text explanation on hover)

Associate level members have limited access to our library where they can take a peek at our collection of learning materials provided by expert members. Associates are also granted access to view select topics from our coaching couch and HotSpot discussions that we feel may be helpful to them.

Here are a few key benefits to being an Associates Level Member:

  • Unlimited access to our Global Rolodex (directory)
  • Ad placement throughout the site
  • Extensive profile added to our Global Rolodex (directory)

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Bachelors Level Members

Bachelors level members have a clear vision for their business and a good understanding of the skills they need to learn which will propel them towards their next goal. This group will likely make up the largest community of BizLink Global members as most entrepreneurs desire to learn and grow. Members of this level understand and embrace education as a key to healthy business growth and will enjoy learning new skill sets and how to implement them.

Bachelors Level members have unlimited access to our library and to all Hot Spot and Coaching Couch discussions. All discussions are hosted by Master level members, however, Coaching Couch members are hand selected by BizLink Global founder Patty Farmer, and can not be attained through membership alone.

Here are a few key benefits to being a Bachelors Level Member:

  • Unlimited access to our library where you can download educational materials to help you achieve the skill sets that you need at a time that is right for you.
  • Unlimited access to our Global Rolodex (directory) where you can forge the strategic partners and referral partners you need.
  • Premium profile in our Global Rolodex (directory) with 180 x 150 ad placement throughout our site.

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Masters Level Members

Masters level members have products, be it information products or service oriented packages, and are looking to become an authority in their given niche. They are likely interested in speaking engagements, tele-seminars and helping entrepreneurs learn the skills they need to become more successful. Not everyone will desire this level of membership but for those that do, please apply to be considered.

Masters level members enjoy the privilege of being able to host and moderate their own hotspot discussions, upload their content to the BizLink Global library and may be considered for a spot on the coaching couch. Master level members will also enjoy guest blogger status and have the ability to add content to the public side of the BizLink Global site.

Here are a few key benefits to being a Masters Level Member:

  • Be considered for speaking engagements and tele-seminars
  • Upload content to the member library
  • Host a discussion in our hotspot where you can connect with bachelor level members that are interested in learning about your niche.

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Intern level members can receive a free hall pass to access our business resource center and take a look around. We know you’ll just love what you see!

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