Masters Level Membership

Snapshot of a Potential Master

If you feel that you have an excellent understanding of your industry, niche and are ready to become an authority in your given field you may find that a master level membership is right for you.

Master level members have accumulated most of the the skills they need to to step out into a targeted environment where they will be well received by a community that can greatly benefit from their wisdom.

An ideal Master Level member will immediately see the value in guest blogging for the BizLink Global community and be active in engaging members by participating in riveting discussions, pushing the boundaries of what is “known” and encouraging others to do away with certain assumptions and patterns that don’t work for them or their business. Master level Members will likely be bloggers, coaches, consultants, authors, speakers, those who like to teach or those that simply want to network globally and market their products in our store.

The Application Process

If you consider yourself in the top 10 as an authority in your industry, we invite you to apply.


The Masters Level Membership is designed to facilitate top professionals that have a focus on education as they extend their reach to greater global audiences and elite strategic partners. It is BizLink Global’s belief that a business or brand can only continue to grow from within a community and we can provide you with the perfect environment to explore your full potential.

To apply, you will need to help us understand your vision and current capabilities. BizLink Global would like to stress that Master’s level membership is not for everyone. The types of professionals you will find here typically have, or are in the process of launching, information products like: books, ebooks, audiobooks and video seminars that they may offer in our store or through our library or more service oriented products like coaching or niche programs, teleseminars and masterminds.

Hot Spots

Master level members will gain the ability to host their own Hot Spot where they will choose a niche area to engage BizLink Global members in discussions on their topic of expertise. Master level members can gain exposure to their targeted market here and introduce themselves to business owners that will directly benefit from their knowledge.

Coaching Couch

Master level members may be invited to participate as a part of the “Coaching Couch” team. These experts are hand selected by BizLink Global founder, Patty Farmer, and are in a coveted position within the BizLink Global Community. Being a part of the Coaching Couch team you have the opportunity to give back to your community and gain exposure to a wide audience.

The Library

As a Masters level member, you will have full access to upload educational material to our growing library where bachelor level members can select educational titles and rate your material, helping you expand your reach and hone your products.

Guest Blogger

All Master level members will be given the opportunity to be a guest blogger on BizLink Global, further establishing your authority in the public and private side of our community.

Get the Most Out of Your Membership

Master level members can do more than simply market products and host discussions. Opportunities exist in many forms for this level of membership and include:

  • Connecting with like-minded peers to open the possibility of collaborative partnerships
  • Being selected by BizLink Global for seminars, workshops and speaking engagements
  • Exposure to a large, targeted audience that is hungry for your expertise


BizLink Global will also be reviewing select candidates from the master level members for our upcoming PHD certification course which can help distinguish you as a seasoned professional, qualifying you for invites on speaking engagements, masterminds and more.

Member Benefits Include:

  • Opportunity to build stronger elite strategic partnerships
  • Opportunity to acquire targeted referral partners
  • Exposure to more potential clients that need your product or service
  • Eligibility to be selected for a Coaching Couch position
  • Ability to sell products in our store
  • Upload unlimited content to our library
  • Guest blogger profile and ability to post blogs on your niche
  • Host niche specific discussions in our Hot Spot
  • Potential invites to speaking engagements and other educational tours

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