About BizLink Global

Networking Unleashed

BizLink Global is an unparalleled, B2B referral networking and education center for those who are ready to invest in themselves. We are the #1 hot-spot in collaborative growth for small to medium size businesses and entrepreneurs. If you have come to the decision that gaining access to a premier business network, quality educational materials and surrounding yourself with dedicated professionals is the right environment for you, then you have come to the right place.

A Growing Global Need

BizLink Global was founded to serve a growing need in the global community. Too many business owners and entrepreneurs struggle for the simple lack of access to the solutions they so desperately need. BizLink Global offers a way to find those solutions and serves as a beacon, attracting like minded professionals from across the globe.

A Place for Action Takers

No one person can know it all. This is exactly why business owners need a tribe of people they trust to help them identify and solve problems before they become stomach-turning nightmares. Master level members at BizLink Global are experts, carefully selected for their ability to inspire, motivate, educate and improve the quality of your business operations. It is the decision makers and action takers that pave the way for growth, using brainstorming and innovation as their tools for success.

The Spirit of Collaboration

BizLink Global acts as a powerful B2B network, introducing a premier style of business networking, unique in its ability to educate as well as connect. It is here that owners are encouraged, not only to build a perfect team of savvy professionals, but to gain and share key ideas, strategies and concepts that elevate entrepreneurs in the true spirit of collaboration.

Founder of BizLink Networking (formerly Hot Pink Mamas’) a national B2B Networking Organization,  Patty’s newest venture, BizLink Global, combines her passion for connecting businesses to the people and resources they need most with online, global capability, making it an unparalleled, B2B referral, networking and education center for those who are ready to invest in themselves.

Patty has helped thousands of business owners effectively grow their businesses using this non-competitive, dynamic collaboration strategy. What’s the difference? It’s gone global.


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