Frequently Asked Questions on Biz Link Global

Q.What is an Associates Level Membership?

A. An ideal Associate level member is an entrepreneur or business owner that may be new to networking or perhaps just looking to expand their current face to face networking experience beyond the local level; connecting with a more diverse and global audience.

As an Associate level member, you can greatly benefit from the online presence you create within Biz Link Global, where you will gain exposure to like-minded individuals in our global rolodex.

Associates level memberships are perfect for entrepreneurs that want to be more strategic about who they are networking and connecting with. At Biz Link Global, you will have that opportunity because you gain access to all the information you need to connect with the best potential partners all in one place. These members will benefit greatly, not only in finding others, but by being found through our global directory.

Q.What is a Bachelors Level Membership?

An ideal Bachelors level member is an entrepreneur or business owner that understands they need to expand their networking to their global community. At the Associates level, members are still learning what skills they need and what they need to do while defining a vision for their business. Bachelor’s level members have a clear understanding of what they need and a strong vision for their business.

It is Biz Links Globals belief that once you can clearly see where you want to go, you realize the specific skills you need to get there. As a Bachelor level member, you will spend a considerable amount of time gaining those very skills you have identified on your own time. Once you begin to learn those skills, more questions will naturally be raised and you can follow a path of discovery that will eventually take your business to the next level.

Ideal members of this level will be looking to build their teams, acquire new skills and expand their global reach. They will connect with experts in a diverse array of fields through our Hot Spot Discussions and Coaching Couch sessions, enabling them to ask the questions they want and get the answers they need.

Q.What is an Masters Level Membership?

If you feel that you have an excellent understanding of your industry, niche and are ready to become an authority in your given field you may find that a Masters level membership is right for you.

Master level members have accumulated most of the the skills they need to to step out into a targeted environment where they will be well received by a community that can greatly benefit from their wisdom.

An ideal Master Level member will immediately see the value in guest blogging for the Biz Link Global community and be active in engaging members by participating in riveting discussions, pushing the boundaries of what is “known” and encouraging others to do away with certain assumptions and patterns that don’t work for them or their business. Master level Members will likely be bloggers, coaches, consultants, authors, speakers, those who like to teach or those that simply want to network globally and market their products in our store.


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