Solving the Social Media Puzzle – A Must Read for 2012

As you probably know, social media/marketing is my thing so I read many books on the topic. But when I read Solving The Social Media Puzzle, I thought, “Wow, I have to share this with my network now!”

I am interviewing Kathryn Rose during a Special Edition of The Networking CEO Radio Show on August 22nd at 10 am CST to kick off the launch of  her latest book Solving the Social Media Puzzle: 7 Simple Steps to Planning a Social Media Marketing Strategy for Your Business. Kathryn is a champion of small businesses and has helped guide and educate hundreds of small business owners on using collaboration strategies and new technologies to achieve long lasting results. Be sure to listen—if you purchase the book on August 22, 2012 ONLY, you’ll receive a free companion workbook plus lots of other great goodies!

Having clients who are familiar with the landscape of social media not only makes my job as  social media strategist more enjoyable, but allows them to gain more value from their experience with me. I recommend that anyone who recognizes social media as an important part of the future of their business pick up a copy immediately. Solving The Social Media Puzzle literally takes you through the who, what, why, where and when’s of social media. Jam-packed with real life examples, fun facts, engaging statistics and a baseline strategy for getting yourself out there, this book takes you from ground zero to a bird’s eye view of the social media landscape with brilliant accuracy and stunning clarity.

My personal favorites were the sections on defining your target market, brand awareness and increasing your website or blog traffic. There are some great acronyms too like PETT—Plan, Execute, Track and Tweak.  How simple is that? Other highlights include eye-opening interviews with brightest minds in the industry.

Kathryn Rose is an award-winning author, speaker, social media strategist and trainer. She has a 20+ year career in sales and marketing and has created successful communities for her clients totaling over 2 million fans, followers and connections. Since becoming a “accidental entrepreneur” in 2007, she has given generously of her time to teach social, relationship and online marketing strategies to small business owners, including writing the award winning book The Step by Step Guide to Facebook for Business and 5 other step by step books written specifically for small businesses help them get up and running quickly with online marketing tools.

Kathryn also co-founded the Social Buzz Club, the world’s first online marketing collaboration network helping small businesses gain valuable visibility quickly for their products and services. Well known as a connector, she helps businesses explode their growth by employing collaboration strategies to achieve economies of scale. I look forward to introducing Kathryn to you on The Networking CEO on August 22, 2012.

Patty Farmer, “The Networking CEO,” is a multi-award winning and highly sought after marketing professional, public speaker, radio show host and author. As the CEO of Patty Farmer & Associates, Inc. she has been the Recipient of 2011’s International Women’s Day Business Service Award as well as 2010’s “Best Business Connector in Dallas” award as well as a 2010 and 2011 “America’s Most Influential Business Connector” nominee. Patty has created a network of over 100,000+ connections while teaching thousands of business owners how to effectively network and market to grow their businesses using a non-competitive and dynamic collaboration strategy.


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  1. Mary Kelly, PhD
    2499 days ago

    Defining your target market is key when designing any marketing plan, including social media. Great points!
    Warmly, Mary

  2. Karen Fox
    2499 days ago

    Wish I had seen this before your interview… Thanks for the recommendation of the book, will have to look into that! Accurately written article on social media being a puzzle.

    • Patty Farmer
      2499 days ago

      The interview is not until August 22nd so you haven’t missed anything yet.

  3. Shirley Taylor
    2499 days ago

    Great suggestion, Patty. I would be interested in what the experts had to say about working in such an exciting, ever changing environment.

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