Bachelors Level Membership

Snapshot of an Ideal Bachelors Level Member

An ideal Bachelor level member is an entrepreneur or business owner that understands they need to expand their networking to their global community. At the Associates level, members are still learning what skills they need and what they need to do while defining a vision for their business. Bachelor’s level members have a clear understanding of what they need and a strong vision for their business.

It is BizLink Global’s belief that once you can clearly see where you want to go, you realize the specific skills you need to get there. As a Bachelor level member, you will spend a considerable amount of time gaining those very skills you have identified on your own time. Once you begin to learn those skills, more questions will naturally be raised and you can follow a path of discovery that will eventually take your business to the next level.

Ideal members of this level will be looking to build their teams, acquire new skills and expand their global reach. They will connect with experts in a diverse array of fields through our Hot Spot Discussions and Coaching Couch sessions, enabling them to ask the questions they want and get the answers they need.

No Limits on How You Connect

How you decide to connect as a member of BizLink Global is up to you. BizLink Global is not a social media platform and does not limit or restrict its members in how they choose to connect or share information, with the exception of the CAN-SPAM Act. All members will have full access to our member directory and online store, where they can make connections and purchase educational materials.

Hot Spots

Bachelor level members will have full access to our private members area “Hot Spot” discussions, where Master level members will be hosting discussions surrounding their areas of expertise. Like the coaching couch, you are encouraged to follow discussions that interest you and participate in them, gaining the direction and answers you need to move your business forward.

Coaching Couch

As a bachelor level member, you will have full access to all sessions with our renowned “Coaching Couch” experts. These experts are hand selected by BizLink Global founder, Patty Farmer, and serve the BizLink Global Community. You will have the ability to read their topics and ask them questions, allowing you full immersion in the discussions and an opportunity to directly participate with experts in their field. You will often see Coaching Couch experts educational products in our store and library.

The Library

As a Bachelor level member, you will have unlimited access to our growing library where you can earmark topics and talks that are right for you, to watch and read at your convenience. This membership level allows you to rate material once you have reviewed it, helping other members find useful information more quickly and accurately.

Get the Most Out of Your Membership

There are many ways to begin your experience as an Bachelors level member. Some of our Bachelors find it useful to narrow their focus to one area per month. For example, one month you could focus on learning skills that help you forge better strategic partnerships, while next month you could focus on list building skills. Once you have identified and conquered a skill set, many new skills will become attractive for you to learn as you grasp the full scope of your potential.

As a Bachelor level member, you will gain exposure to like-minded individuals in our global rolodex (our directory), allowing you to quickly identify and attract the strategic partnerships you need. Like the Associates level, you will have the opportunity to be more strategic in your partnerships because you will have access to vital , organized information about potential partners through our members directory.

BizLink Global Offers Bachelor Level Members:

  • A warm environment to find potential clients
  • A great place to find strategic partners
  • Opportunities to improve your skill sets, enabling greater levels of achievement
  • Directory listing profiles to help increase who knows you
  • Unlimited access to the library gives you the ability to learn as your time permits. You have a business to run and clients to take care of, so get the information you want at a pace you can handle.
  • Unlimited access to Coaching couch and Hot Spot discussions where you can communicate directly with experts and have meaningful discussions with your peers in a private environment.


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Is Bachelor Level Right for You?

Those considering bachelor level memberships may be interested in applying for a Master level membership where they can take the skills they have acquired and use them to produce educational products to upload to the BizLink Global library and online store. Master Level Memberships are for those interested in educating, hosting tele-seminars and participating in speaking tours, but for most BizLink Global members, Bachelor level will be the right place for you to continue to connect with people and grow the business of your dreams.

If you are still on the fence about which membership is right for you, read our description of an ideal Masters Level Member and see which feels right for you.


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