Associates Level Membership

Snapshot of an Ideal Associates Level Member

An ideal Associate level member is an entrepreneur or business owner that may be new to networking or perhaps just looking to expand their current face to face networking experience beyond the local level; connecting with a more diverse and global audience.

As an Associate level member, you can greatly benefit from the online presence you create within BizLink Global, where you will gain exposure to like-minded individuals in our global rolodex.

Associate level memberships are perfect for entrepreneurs that want to be more strategic about who they are networking and connecting with. At BizLink Global, you will have that opportunity because you gain access to all the information you need to connect with the best potential partners all in one place. These members will benefit greatly, not only in finding others, but by being found through our global directory.

No Limits on How You Connect

How you decide to connect as a member of BizLink Global is up to you. BizLink Global is not a social media platform and does not limit or restrict its members in how they choose to connect or share information, with an exception in the CAN-SPAM Act. As an associate level member, you will have full access to our member directory and online store, where you can make connections and purchase educational materials to help propel your business.

Hot Spots

You will also have access to view select “hot spot” topics, where Master level experts host discussions on their areas of expertise, however you will be limited to viewing these discussions only, as full participation is reserved for Bachelor and Master level members only.


 Coaching Couch

You may be invited to view select sessions with our renowned “Coaching Couch” experts as an added benefit to this membership level. These experts are hand selected by BizLink Global founder, Patty Farmer, and serve the BizLink Global Community. Coaching Couch experts are contributing monthly authors to our blog and will have educational products uploaded to our store and library.

 The Library

As an Associate level member, you will have limited access to our growing library where you can peruse educational titles and ratings of our member produced, proprietary content. Anyone wishing to fully experience the content must upgrade to a Bachelor level membership where they will gain unlimited, 24/7 access to all valuable library materials.

Get the Most Out of Your Membership

There are many ways to begin your experience as an Associate’s level member. As an example: some of our Associates find it useful to break their tasks into days. Mondays could be your day to search out new strategic partners. Once you have identified possible partners, Wednesday might be a great day to connect with them on social media. Friday then would might the best day to check out the community board and see what events might be coming to your area or hosted online.

Associate Level Members may benefit from learning how to follow up with new connections or may just want to learn how to increase their knowledge and expand their current skill sets to be more effective in networking online and offline as well.

BizLink Global Offers Associate Level Members:

  • A warm environment to meet potential clients
  • A great place to find strategic partners
  • Opportunities to improve your skill sets, which in turn lead to better sales and connections
  • Directory listing to help increase who knows you and how to find you.


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Is Associate or Bachelor Level Right for You?

Associates and Bachelor Level Memberships are different in their members ability to access educational materials and certain discussion topics. We feel this will accommodate two types of BizLink Global members; those that are new to networking or just want to connect globally (Associates) and those that understand education is key to their business growth and are looking to acquire new skill sets so they can better collaborate in exciting joint ventures with other BizLink Global Members (Bachelors)

If you are still on the fence about which membership is right for you, read our description of an ideal Bachelors Level Member and see which feels right for you.


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